Come volunteer in Sijben’s studio for a day

Wanted: extra hands

Do you need a break from staring at pixels all day? Do you crave working with your hands? Or are you curious to see what’s going on in our workplace? We could use your help! 

We are working on ten new sculptures made of paper pulp for an exhibition at Kunstinstituut Melly and we are enjoying the process a lot! The work is comfortable and satisfying, it’s just that there is still a lot of it, and time is starting to run out… 

That’s why we are organising some join-the-maker days. We start with a coffee, while Sijben tells you all about the project we are working on and the extensive material research we did. After this, we demonstrate what tasks need to be completed, ranging from shredding old books, soaking the paper, mixing and draining the pulp, to covering the objects we have made thus far with a thin layer of pulp. No previous experience is needed. We’ll ensure you’ll get to do various tasks so nobody gets bored and provide lunch for you.

If this sounds like fun to you and you would enjoy getting to taste what working in an artist’s studio is like, if you enjoy getting your hands dirty for a day, please join us!

Sijben’s Studio
Tugelaweg 85
Amsterdam Oost


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